Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an easy way to plan and organise your day or any events you may be involved in. It automatically integrates with Classroom to show deadlines and calendars can be created and shared between users. You should find your calendar is already populated with a copy of your school timetable.

Simply click on your calendar at the time you want the event to begin and a pop-up with basic settings will appear. You can modify the time and date from this box. Alternately, you can press the large + Create button in the upper-left-hand corner.

To access more advanced options, such as changing the colour of events, adding guests, making the event repeat and setting up a reminder notification beforehand, click the grey More Options link next to the blue Save button.

Yes, but for safeguarding and security you will not be able to see any details of the events unless they actively share their calendar with you. If a user has not purposely shared their calendar with you, all you will be able to see is 'Busy'.

In the left-hand-side menu, hover over the calendar you would like to share and select the 3 dots that appear. From this new menu select Settings and sharing.

On the new page, select the Share with specific people option from the menu on the left-hand-side and then select Add people from the main settings window.

From the new option that pops up, enter the e-mail address of the user you wish to share your calendar with, select their permissions from the drop-down-menu below and click Send. Once you have done this, your calendar will be available to them and they will be able to either see the details of your events or manage your calendar, depending on the permissions you granted them. You can also use the same Share with specific people menu to stop sharing your calendar.

When your Teacher sets an assignment or a task, they can choose to set a deadline. Deadlines for tasks in classrooms you are a member of will appear in your Calendar.

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