Google Classroom

Classroom is a way for your teachers to set and receive work, as well as provide feedback and marks.

Nothing. Teacher requests must be approved by the Administrator. Until the request is approved, you will remain as a Student. If you are not a teacher, your request will be denied and you will permanently be set as a Student.

If the you are not in the correct classes you should speak to your teacher. They can have the timetable amended to put you in the right classes.

Your teacher may have muted you or disabled the ability to see other pupil posts. You can still respond to tasks set by your teacher and submit work.

Your teacher can invite you to join the class, or you can use the class code to join. To join a class with a class code, press the + button in the bar at the top of the classes screen and select Join class. Your teacher can give you the class code.

You can rejoin your class using the class code or by having your teacher invite you. Alternately, Classroom synchronizes daily with the school timetable. You will automatically be re-added by the next day.

Inside your Drive there will be a folder called Classroom. Each classroom gets its own subfolderfolder inside this, and your work for each classroom is contained within the relevant subfolder(s). When you submit work, a copy of your work will appear in this folder and be automatically shared with your teacher. Nobody else will be able to see it.

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