Google Mail

Google Mail is a quick and easy way to communicate with your peers and teachers, but there are several things you should keep in mind. If you are found to be using e-mail to harass or bully, access can and will be revoked.

Only if they have an account. E-mails cannot be sent to or received from any external domains (Hotmail, GMail, etc), with the exception of and EduLink. There are also some mailing lists that pupils cannot send e-mail to but can receive e-mail from.

Yes, e-mails are monitored for safeguarding reasons. Whilst we don't actively read e-mail as its sent, if you are reported to be abusing this service we can recover e-mails you have sent - even if they've been deleted.

E-mails containing profanity, racism or sexual content will not be delivered. Actively trying to bypass this filter may lead to your access to email being revoked.

No. Google provides unlimited storage for e-mails, but it's probably not a good idea to keep every email ever just because you can.

If somebody is harassing you or making you uncomfortable through e-mails you should speak to a teacher, such as your form tutor or the teacher of the lesson you're in. We will take steps to ensure that our cloud platform is free of misuse. If you can, do not delete any of the e-mails you are sent and show those to your teacher too. They can be recovered if you did delete them, but it's much quicker to resolve if you haven't.

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