Passwords and Account Security

To protect your work and yourself, it is important you keep your account secure. This means you need to pick a strong password and not share it with anybody else. If you think somebody else knows your password, you should change it immediately.

If you are looking for information around connecting your account to a personal device, or the Google Apps Device Policy app, more information is available here.

On the main page, click Account Security. If you are not currently signed in, you will be prompted to sign in. Once you have done so, you should see a box that looks like the one below.

Once you are on this page, click 'Password'. For security you will have always need to confirm your password again at this point. Once you have done this, you will be asked for a new password twice. Pick something strong you haven't used anywhere else, enter it twice and click the blue Change Password button.

You can tell if somebody else has accessed your account by reviewing your recently used devices information. To find this, click Account Security from the main page. As with changing your password, if you are not currently signed in you will be prompted to do so. Once you are logged in, scroll down and find the Your devices section. This displays a summary of the most recent devices used to access your Google account, with timestamps supplied.

By clicking the blue Manage Devices link, you will be taken to a new page where you may select each device to view more information about it.

Each device shown here can be clicked on to provide additional information, including an option to sign out from that device. By clicking Don't recognise this device?, you can initiate a password reset and force a log out from all devices except the device you're changing the password on.

As always, if you suspect your account has been compromised, you should change your password immediately.

The Siddal Moor ICT Support team can reset your password if you end up locked out of your account. You should ask your teacher to contact them for a password reset.

2-Step Verification (better known as 2-Factor Authentication or 2FA) is a method of securing your account with more than just a password by using your mobile phone as a second authenticator. If you enable 2FA you will need to know your password and be in possession of your phone to access your account. When you try to login, a text message will be sent to you with a code you will need to provide to complete the login.

Yes. If you do not have your access to your phone (if it gets confiscated, lost, stolen, runs out of battery or simply has no signal) you will not be able to login. You will also need to remember to update your 2FA settings if you ever change your phone number. If you choose to use 2FA, these risks are your responsibility and will not be acceptable as excuses to not do your work.

Similarly to how you change your password, click Account Security. From there select 2-Step Verification and follow the instructions. You will simply need to provide your phone number and then confirm a code that is text to you.

Yes you can. From the main page, click Account Security, then 2-Step Verification. After confirming your password you will have an option to turn it off. You can repeat the steps required to enable it again whenever you want.

You should ask your teacher to contact the Siddal Moor ICT Support team, who can easily disable 2FA from your account upon request.

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